FRANKLIN LIBRARY PUBLIC ART COMMISSION: two 6'x6' glass mosaics for over the interior fireplaces, "World Language," panel designed by Marilyn Lindstrom and American Indian panel designed by Robert Desjarlait. See artist statement. Sponsored by: Minneapolis Public Library. Additional support from Mdewakaton Sioux Community, Minneapolis Foundation, Anonymous. Dedication of the Library and the Public Art - MAY 7, 2005.

"World Language" - Completed

"World Language" - Completed

Franklin Mosaic supplies

"American Indian" - in progress

"World Language" - in progress

Marilyn Lindstrom at work

"American Indian" - in progress

Shotsie Forsythe volunteering

"American Indian" - in progress
FAMILY HOUSING FUND COMMISSIONED WORK FOR "HOME SWEET HOME AGAIN: AN EXHIBITION OF ART AND POETRY," Title: "The American Dream?", mixed-media, photo mosaic, 48"x48", 2004. See Artist Statement. See Family Housing Fund for exhibition locations.
PERSONAL PAINTINGS: "Goddess" series, acrylic on canvas, 36" by 36" each.

"M Goddess"

"M Goddess" (detail)

"Ram Goddess in Birthing Position"

"Ram Goddess" (detail)

"Goddess with Labrynth"

"Goddess with Labrynth" (detail)

"Double Goddess w/ Reindeer"

"Double Goddess" (detail)

"World Language"
- see Mosaic
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