Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Marilyn Lindstrom has directed and created hundreds of community created pubic works of art starting in 1971. In 1973 she painted on her first community created mural with young people on a cultural center in Minneapolis. In 1978, inspired by the great community mural movement in Chicago, she founded Wall Painting Artists (WPA) a community mural painting group with other local muralists including Ta-Coumba Aiken. Upon invitation, Marilyn created a mural in Managua, Nicaragua in 1983 on a children’s library with noted San Francisco muralist Miranda Bergman. Marilyn founded the local Neighborhood Safe Art program in 1991 and went on to create a decade of youth created public art winning numerous Committee on Urban Environment (CUE) awards by the city of Minneapolis. She is currently on the roster of Artists in Education program of the Minnesota State Arts Board and the COMPAS Artists and Writers in the Schools program which have made her work available to many communities through out the state of Minnesota. One of her youth-created large outdoor murals was on the Migizi Communications wall, on Lake Street in Minneapolis, sponsored by the Fresco Community Outreach program, entitled “The Language of Hope”, created with fourteen teenagers and five mentor artists.

In the year 2000, Marilyn was awarded the Leadership Initiatives in Neighborhoods (LIN) fellowship by the St. Paul Companies to pursue research into her own cultural heritage by traveling to Northern Europe. She spent several months researching ancient symbols and sites in Sweden and Finland as well as in the lands of the Sami, the indigenous people of Northern Europe. Also that year, Marilyn was invited by the International Adult Education community to lead a mural- making workshop at a conference in Kampala, Uganda, Africa. Locally, in 2000, Marilyn collaborated with highly regarded, Chicago -based community muralist and mosaicist, John Pitman Weber on a multi-cultural mosaic pillar, entitled ”Honor the Spirit”. A pillar to claim the land for a new cultural center in a very international, multi-cultural community in Minneapolis. In addition, Marilyn has just recently completed a three year partnership with Intermedia Arts as one of five artists through the People- Places -Connections program, part of the National Animating Democracy program where artists partnered with community organizations to create art and dialogue. Marilyn partnered with Hope Community in the Phillips neighborhood to create mosaics with community residents, “Mosaic Conversations”.

One of her most recent public work is entitled “Hand to Heart”, a mosaic series located on the gateway pillars and over the front entrance of the Jeremiah Program’s new building in downtown Minneapolis. Sponsored by the City of Minneapolis and the Jeremiah Program, a program which strives to change women’s lives for their children’s future”. The deeply symbolic mosaics were created by the women residents and staff of the Jeremiah Program, community members, artists assistant Malichansouk Kouanchao, and directed by lead artist Marilyn Lindstrom. “Hand to Heart” mosaic series along with the new building designed by Collaborative Design Group just was awarded a CUE (Committee on Urban Environment) Award for 2004.

Currently, Marilyn is working with Anishinabe artist Robert DesJarlait on mosaics for over the two interior fireplaces at the Franklin Community Library in Minneapolis.

Marilyn lives in the Whittier neighborhood of south Minneapolis and is a proud mother of her sixteen year old son, Odin Grina.
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